Cool Kanji – 鯨

Thar she blows!
There are so many kanji for fish. So many that they sell mugs that have all of them printed on the side with the readings in hiragana – a cheat sheet / novelty item.
Cheat mug
For the most part, they’re written in katakana, but you will find them written in kanji every now and then. My JTE, who has moved on to a different school this year, always used this kanji when he taught the passive voice – “This kanji is called ____ in Japanese.” He wrote a bunch of difficult kanji on the board, which I guess was fun for the kids to try and guess. He mostly used different characters for fish.
I always thought this was the coolest of the ones he wrote on the board. Fish on the left, capital on the right, which gives us whale – the biggest of all things that swim in the water and appear not to be mammals.