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Season 1:
S01E00 – Season 1 Trailer
S01E01 – Daniel McCalla – Translation and Japanese Study
S01E02 – Emily Balistrieri – Translation and Japanese Study
S01E03 – Brian MacDuckston – Ramen Adventures in Hokkaido and Across Japan
S01E04 – Paula Curtis – Graduate Studies, Medieval Japanese, and How to “Do” History
S01E05 – Arline Lyons – JET Program, Translation Memory, Specializing as a Translator
S01E06 – Brian Caster – Reading in Japanese, Self Study, Legal Work in Japan
S01E07 – Tamara Latham-Sprinkle – Professional Translation, Masters Programs, Translation Associations
S01E08 – Kristi Fernandez – Translation Twitter, Light Novels and Manga, Translation Process
S01E09 – Shaun McKenna – JET Program, Journalism in Japan, The Art of the Pitch
S01E10 – Adam Evanko – McDonald’s in Japan, Translation Project Management, Video Game Production, Monster Hunter

Season 2:
S02E00 – Season 2 Trailer
S02E01 – Mel Ok – JET Program, Translation, Japanese Whisky
S02E02 – 一番搾り and 自己分析
S02E03 – Jenn O’Donnell – Mindful Study, Translating/Localizing, Job Hunting in Japan
S02E04 – Tourist Mindset and ノーダメージ
S02E05 – Paul Snowden – Higher Education Jobs in Japan, The Green Goddess
S02E06 – Performative Adjectives and 系
S02E07 – Jason Coskrey – Immersion, Sports Writing in Japan
S02E08 – Roomshare.jp and のり弁
S02E09 – Morgan Giles – Reading Japanese, Translation, MEXT Scholarship
S02E10 – 車検 and 人生初めてのカラオケ
S02E11 –
S02E12 –
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