Cool Kanji – 囮


Learned a cool kanji at work this past week – 囮 (おとり). It means “decoy.” Unfortunately it seems to be used almost exclusively in hiragana. It’s pretty easy to break down – 化, change, inside of a box: just begging for some kind of mnemonic, but I’ll leave that to you.

When I first saw it, I didn’t process it as a kanji right away. For some reason it looked more like a stamp or icon of some sort. Very cool-looking kanji.

Here’s a list of cool uses:

おとり捜査 (そうさ) – a sting
おとり警察官 (けいさつかん) – undercover officer
おとり広告 (こうこく) – bait and switch advertising
おとりがも – decoy duck