Cool Compound – 死角


Learned this one at work the other day. “Death” and “angle,” pronounced しかく. It means “blind spot.” I thought it was pretty cool.

I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. I didn’t forget it, but mostly because I was surprised at how shockingly bad my kanji have become in the past year or two. Very little balance going on up there.

7 thoughts on “Cool Compound – 死角

  1. Even back when I was in the habit of writing kanji, there were some that just baffled me (飛, any that have pieces riding that wee sled – 遠). I think there’s a very noticeable sensation when you get one right. The two things that kept my confidence up were 1) I knew more kanji than most of the elementary school kids and 2) a lot of the junior high kids had awful handwriting, too.

  2. I know exactly what you mean.

    Yesterday in class (middle school) I looked over at the board where they write the day’s plan for each of their classes, and I was taken aback by how bad the kid’s kanji handwriting was. As much as I’d like my kanji to look as nonchalant and natural as many adults, it made me feel good to know that at least they look better than many middle schoolers.

  3. that sled gave me all sorts of problems for ages. Then my Kyoto sensei told me to write the left hand side as a hiragana ろ but kinda squished. It helped a lot.

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