Game Lingo – 敵


(てき) is a relatively straightforward term – it means enemy. The one thing to keep in mind is that occasionally it can refer to another human player rather than an in-game enemy; in this case, “opponent” is a more appropriate translation than “enemy.”

An interesting compound using is 無敵 (むてき), which is the Japanese word for “invincibility” and should never be translated as “no enemies.” A frequently used, non-idiomatic four character compound is 一時無敵 (いちじむてき), which means “temporary invincibility.”

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  1. Love the game lingo posts.

    Also wanted to say I enjoy the site muchly. I subscribed to the RSS a while ago, then the URL changed and I forgot to change back. Felt good having a bunch of new posts to read after I remembered to readd the RSS.

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