Cool Compound – 回想


回想 (かいそう) literally means “spin thoughts around,” or something like that. 想い (おもい) is, I believe, the direct object of 回す (まわす). Why are they not in the Japanese order (DOをVする)? I think it’s because the compound is Chinese in origin and therefore uses the same grammatical order as English (Subject Verb Object).

A less literal translation gives you “recall, recollect.” The other possibility is “flashback,” which is how I saw it used the other day. Pretty cool stuff.

2 thoughts on “Cool Compound – 回想

  1. The first (and so far, only) usage I’ve seen this word is when watching TV. As I always watch with the captioning turned on, when there’s a flashback they stick 回想 on top of the captions to let you know that it’s… a flashback.

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