Game Lingo – 読み込む


Like 発売, 読み込む invites misreadings, here with the 読 character. I believe it can mean “read” in certain contexts, but it is more often translated as “load” as in “load saved data.” The most frequent pattern is 読み込み中, which is generally translated as “Loading…”.

1 thought on “Game Lingo – 読み込む

  1. Facebook friend Roko says: Interesting. Output is 書き出す. It may sound silly but in my image, a computer is more like a person. Computer-san reads data, digests it, then writes out processed data for me. So, 読 still means “read”.

    Good point with the computer. I think with data, specifically data on a hard disk, “read” and “write” are probably the write terms. But with a video game “save” and “load” are probably more natural in English.

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