Monday Puzzle – What the clock are you talking about?!

Simple puzzle today. The Japanese for clockwise and counterclockwise is 時計回り and 反時計回り. What is another way to express these ideas without using the characters 右, 左, 西, or 東?

We’ll see how this one turns out. If it’s too easy or too difficult I’ll give another mini-puzzle next Monday or provide a hint of some sort.

The prize if you win? One can of 100% barley malt beer – e.g. Ebisu, Suntory Malts, Asahi Premium. (New rule: you must physically track me down and demand your beer to redeem it.)

Please do not post your answer in the comments. Send it to me via email or facebook. My email address is るぱんさんせい (romanized) at-mark gmail dot com.