Monday Puzzle – Presidents

President Obama was in Japan recently for a visit on his tour of Asia. The only effect on me was that I got a chance to see the Japanese police’s samurai-lookin’ body armor. Pretty sweet getup.

As for other presidential visitors, Ulysses S. Grant visited after his term was up. Taft came while he was Secretary of War. JFK visited as a congressman. The first president to visit Japan while in office was Gerald Ford. Every president after Ford has also made the trip. There’s a cool list of all the official visits on the State Department website.

Here is the puzzle this week: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have all been to Japan, but where have none of them been? Perhaps kind of vague. I have a specific Japan-related response in mind.

The prize if you win? One can of 100% barley malt beer – e.g. Ebisu, Suntory Malts, Asahi Premium. (New rule: you must physically track me down and demand your beer to redeem it.)

Please do not post your answer in the comments. Send it to me via email or facebook. My email address is るぱんさんせい (romanized) at-mark gmail dot com.