Natto Experiments – Director’s Commentary

Natto Experiments from Daniel Morales on Vimeo.

00:27 The music is AudioBody’s “You Gotta Tap” from the YouTube video “The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments.”

00:36 The cumin seeds I brought back to Japan from New Orleans. They’ve lasted me quite a while as I only use them in one lentil dish I make occasionally. In that dish, they get stir fried with garlic and red pepper, so I thought that might work here, too.

00:42 The knife shots work really well with this music. I think I was playing the song in my mind as I was chopping.

01:06 Yarg. Could use some lighting here.

01:26 When I was living up in Fukushima, there was a weekly men’s cooking class at the Town Hall called 男エプロン. It was only around for about half a year, but I learned this avocado-seed-removal trick from the lady who taught the course. Very effective.

01:57 Mmmm. This is the only of the three recipes that I actually eat regularly. I wait until avocados are on sale for 98 yen and use the natto and avocado to supplement my meal (generally a bento).

02:17 This is the cheapest cheese in Japan. They have both cheddar and mozzarella in this size at Seijo Ishii stores, and it’s only 299 yen. As I’ve mentioned before, probably the best value in the whole store.

02:43 The schools in my town in Fukushima used to eat natto like this. It was good, but they used a really weak cheese. The sharper you get, the better, in my opinion.

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  1. Tornadoes28: Ha, natto doesn’t really stink that much once you get used to it. … Wait a second, what am I thinking. Of course it does. It reeks.

    AudioBody: Hope it was ok to use it! I assume the smiley face means no harm done, so…thanks!

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