3 thoughts on “I make sign 2

  1. *lol*

    It’s so true. That may have to go on my “to-do” whiteboard that sits in front of me when I’m at my desk…

  2. Hi Daniel— I face the same problem over long hours of working through whatever it is I’m reading or translating…. one thing that has helped is having a large cup of water immediately at hand. A good glug often banishes the phantom hunger pangs. As soon as I empty the cup, I refill it.
    While this has done a lot to block study-snacking, it leads to two other issues: paranoia over spilling on my laptop, and the fact that after the sun goes down, the water is often magically replaced by beer….

  3. Yeah, I have a pretty steady source of tea within reach, but I feel like even that is just self-confusion sometimes. I definitely need a minimum level of caffeine to be productive, though.

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