Starbucks New Year’s Mugs 2011

Happy New Year! When I was in Japan before Christmas, I was worried that I would have to ask a friend to buy me one of the Starbucks New Year’s mugs. I’ve collected them the last five years. Normally they go on sale December 26, and I was heading home on Christmas Eve.

Fortunately I stumbled into the Starbucks in Kyoto on Sanjo, one of the most famous Starbucks locations in Japan (second only to the one in Shibuya that looks over the スクランブル交差点?). For whatever reason, they, and a couple of other shops in Kyoto, already had the mugs and tumblers on sale.

I’m very impressed with this year’s design. I went with the black lined with vermillion. Each of the mugs has two images embossed in gold, and the larger image on the black mug is of a whale lifting up a boat with the Hinomaru. Interesting design. Slight dig at the Australian anti-whalers?

3 thoughts on “Starbucks New Year’s Mugs 2011

  1. anna – I would’ve bought both if I was still living in Japan – they’re really nice this year. I didn’t have the luggage space, unfortunately.

    Blue Shoe – I believe they do give a discount with the tumblers. I can’t remember how much the discount is, though.

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