How to Japanese Newsletter

Happy ?tober!

As the world slowly, incessantly falls apart, I’ve been trying to expand my writing opportunities and started a monthly How to Japanese newsletter. I won’t be posting it here each month, but I did want to give it a plug in the main feed in case anyone is interested in subscribing. It will generally include a short piece about Japan/Japanese and something about beer/brewing followed by links/plugs.

I started in September with a look at an inspirational phrase from Higashimura Akiko’s manga alongside an ode to the local homebrew shop. October will have a more actionable piece of language for your business needs and a specific yeast recommendation.

Hope you subscribe and share!

2 thoughts on “How to Japanese Newsletter

  1. I’m curious, why gatekeep content to a newsletter? Are you going to use the email addresses for commercial purposes or something?

  2. There’s no gatekeeping – you don’t have to subscribe to read. You can always just click through to the Substack page. I have no plans to use the emails for commercial purposes. Substack would let me offer paid content at some point in the future, if that’s something I decide I want to do, and I’ll likely promote any other paid writing/translation I end up doing through the newsletter, but that’s it at this point.

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