How to Pasokon

Another quick Friday post. I found this link detailing how to access macrons in OSX. Pretty useful for writing things like “Chūō.”

OSX also makes it incredibly easy to input Japanese. Just go to the International menu under Preferences, select the Input Menu tab, and check Kotoeri. You’ll see a US flag up near your clock now. Click on it, and you’ll have the option to switch into Japanese input.

Here’s a list of shortcuts:

Once you are in the Japanese input:

Shift + Ctrl + J switches into hiragana input.

Shift + Ctrl + K switches into katakana input.

Shift + Ctrl + ; switches into romaji input.

Apple Command + Spacebar will toggle back and forth between the two most recently used inputs.

Note: All that was for Tiger. Anyone know if anything changed in Leopard?