Supporting Beer

Beering in Japan means supporting actual beer – either the small selection of 100% malt commercial brands, most of the local craftbrews, and a good chunk of what gets imported (although some of it – lambics, krieks, other Belgian stuff – gets labeled as 発泡酒, funny enough). I’ve linked Chris Chuwy before, but I met the man recently, bought him a beer (Iwate Kura IPA), and confirmed that he’s nuts…about beer. He’s been updating the boozelist with amazing frequency and listing lots of beer events I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Definitely bookmark worthy. Buying him beer and spreading the word means he’ll continue to update.


0 thoughts on “Supporting Beer

  1. Cheers, Daniel! I read this blog before too, but didn’t realise it was you! Nice stuff. Thanks for the kind words. There are a few events going on this Christmas season, for those of us who haven’t left for sunnier climes. I’m up for a few! Thanks for the blog mention.Also, thanks for doing this useful blog!