Cool Kanji – 閂


How badass is that kanji?! It looks crazy, like some weird malfunction. Like some other radical should resolve itself below the 門, but for whatever reason the computer can’t handle it and just inserts a dash. Reminds me of the time when I saw .

The pronunciation is かんぬき, and it means – are you ready for this?! – bolt, latch, bar (on a gate/door). How great is that?!

Still working my way through 1Q84, so most posts will be short until I get finished with that. Almost there! At this point in time I’ve read 740/1055 pages. Not too shabby for 12 days of reading.

2 thoughts on “Cool Kanji – 閂

  1. Some comments pulled from Facebook:

    Isaac says: それがかっこいいと思ってれば「閃く」(ひらめく)も面白いんじゃない?「閃く・閃き」

    Moreen says: That is pretty badass…

    Junko says: I like the kanji called 魑魅(Chimi)

    Thanks guys! 超ベリナイス!

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