Keep Your Eyes Open – Assistant Vegetables

I was back in Fukushima over the weekend to carry a mikoshi in a festival. I had a really good time. It’s always nice to get out of the city for a few days, eat a few home-cooked meals at my homestay family’s place, and sleep on a real bed.

While I was there I noticed the calendar on the wall:


It’s produced by the town’s health/public welfare center. Up until about 10 years ago or so, supposedly the diet in my town was extremely high in salt. They started promoting a more healthy diet by making better school lunches, giving 100万円 to anyone who lives to be 100 (although I heard they were going to get rid of this), and by giving out calendars with healthy recipes. I used to have one of these on the wall of my apartment.

I looked a little closer and saw this:


Not only does it have 主食, it’s got 主菜 – you’re main vegetable. It also shows 副菜, which is so much fun to translate poorly. Assistant vegetable, auxiliary vegetable, vice-vegetable. Take your pick.

Speaking of healthy eating, I’ve been doing quite a bit myself this past month, along with jogging just about every day. This was to ensure I did not experience death by mikoshi and so that I have a good excuse to fatten myself up back in the States next week. I’m heading to New York on Thursday for the holidays, so the next post will be Friday after I get back. Have a good Silver Week.

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  1. I forgot to mention last time that it amuses me that おかず also means “masturbation material,” at least according to

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