How to Peel

One of my roommates recently corrected the mikan peeling technique I introduced in this video. Apparently I was doing it upside down.

This little, green nub is so inviting:

And when you flip it over it’s deceivingly flat:

But when you open it:

There’s a surprising little space that you can sink you finger into:

Then peel as normal. Ta da:

You can see the little piece of white stuff that goes through the center of the mikan and is attached to the green nub. It removes cleanly when you peel it this way. Nice.

4 thoughts on “How to Peel

  1. Dude, everyone knows that when you peel an orange, you have to make one really long strip of peel and then drop the peel on the floor. Note the letter the dropped peel most closely resembles, pick it up and drop it again. Make your final observation, and you now have the initials of your future wife’s (or husband’s) name.

  2. Hey, it works! I’ve been doing it the wrong way all this time. Many thanks!
    Which reminds me, you wrote about your mikan habit in a previous post and how you buy cheap bags of them. I also eat many a day, and buy (and lug home) a 10 or 15 kg. carton for a couple of thousand yen at a neighborhood fruit and vegetable store. I haven’t done a count, but I’m pretty sure it works out cheaper than buying them a bag at a time…

  3. Julian: I know exactly what you are talking about. Unfortunately I don’t know of any of those stores near where I live. I think I bought like 5kg for 500 yen my first year on JET…that was a great weekend.

    g dawg: No wonder I’m not married yet.

  4. Eeew, thats a nasty way to peel a tangerine haha. A good way is to take the mikan, and roll it between you hand slightly squeezing it (not to hard ofcourse), this makes the outer peel loose and makes it easier to peel. I think this is a Dutch technique hahahaha.

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