Collabo-Ramen – 魚雷

I got in touch with Brian last summer to see if he wanted to do some collaborative video reviews of the ramen shops he was visiting for his site Ramen Adventures. He’s got solid pictures of everywhere he visits, and it’s hard not to get hungry while you read through his posts. (He also posts his photography on his other site, Gaijin Bash, and makes every trip he takes look awesome.) We’re both busy dudes and were unable to get around to it until last weekend when we managed to check out 魚雷 (ぎょらい), a new shop over near the Tokyo Dome. (魚雷 means torpedo. Pretty cool, eh?)

The result is the first installment of Collabo-Ramen:

Collabo-Ramen – 魚雷 Gyorai from Daniel Morales on Vimeo.

For me, the bowl was really refreshing. The noodles were a little soft but definitely handmade. I can’t remember the last time I had noodles like that. And the soup had a lot of flavor but was light enough to drink down to the bottom of the bowl. The grilled chicken and the chashu were also highlights – small bites, both of them, but delicious.

Read Brian’s review here. You can see another review of the shop here at Go Ramen. It’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re out that way. They’re going to start serving gyoza at some point in March, so maybe it’s worth another visit then.

5 thoughts on “Collabo-Ramen – 魚雷

  1. Neat! Both of you had voices that didn’t match what I have in my head when I read your articles. What a shock!

    Have you known each other a long time? What’s it like meeting other gaijin in Japan? I’m going over for the first time in March to study abroad, and I always wondered since i don’t know what it’s like to live over there. Not that I’m looking for other foreigners to hang out with; I really want to improve my Japanese and speak as little English as possible (difficult I’m sure, what with all my classes being with other study abroaders, but I’ll do what I can…)

  2. Keizo – Definitely. My mom loves the coffee siphon phenomenon, so I’ll be taking my folks there in early April.

    Will – Meeting a foreigner in Japan is basically just like meeting someone back home, although some people like to claim that we’re all misanthropes. If it’s your first time, definitely make every effort to truly immerse yourself! And watch as much TV as humanly possible!

  3. Meeting another foreigner in Japan is like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters. You get all covered in marshmallow. Wait, I’ve said too much…

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