Unleash the Beast

Came across this compound in a story I was reading today – 放屁 (ほうひ). Ha, pretty awesome. I’ll leave you to figure it out yourself (as I did with ニコイチ), but it shouldn’t be too hard once you look up the meaning of the individual characters. I will say that it is in the VERB + DIRECT OBJECT category of kanji compounds.

Now to figure out how to say SBD

5 thoughts on “Unleash the Beast

  1. Just a note: when I plugged this into my trusty kantango (which has the benefit of indicating whether something is a common word or not so I don’t embarrass myself too much by unwittingly using an archaic word)… there were two definitions. One was the one you are talking about, and the other was:

    ほうひ 放屁 given name, as-yet not classified by sex

    Can that possibly be for real???

  2. Oh no, you gotta watch out when using this word, cos you don’t want to get it confused with the “other” ほうひ(包皮)- foreskin

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