7 thoughts on “号外 – 名刺

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  2. I’d suggest a name.name@gmail account instead (and perhaps a URL taking you straight to your online portfolio/CV/whatever) for Real Professional Power. Otherwise it’s keeping things simple and looking good.

  3. Do you accept resumes for freelance translation work? I ask because I think my wife (japanese national) might be interested in that.

  4. Durf – I enjoy the smiles when I say ルパン三世アットジメールドットコム.

    Steve – I do freelance work myself, so, no, I don’t take resumes.

    Burt – Japanese to English.

  5. you might wish to reflect that on your business cards.
    as someone not new to the industry I can assure you that
    potential clients like to hire people who are good
    in a particular industry that is part of the modern economy.
    just being “comfortable with general stuff” is not
    really enough to cut it in the increasingly
    crowded Japanese-English translation market.
    good luck with it though.

    why don’t you put “Games Translator” on your card ?

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