Collabo-Ramen – けいすけ二代目

My parents were here for sakura season, so Brian and I took them to our final stop on Tokyo Ramen Street – Keisuke Nidaime. I do not recommend this shop if you have cats – you will leave covered with the delicious scent of shrimp and lobster, irresistible to most felines.

This was my second time at Keisuke Nidaime. The first time I had the lobster ramen, and this time the shrimp wonton. They are both amazing, and I recommend trying both. The lobster broth is slightly thicker. I think I’ll definitely be back one more time to try the “super-thick” lobster tsukemen.

CollaboRamen – けいすけ二代目 Keisuke Nidaime from Daniel Morales on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Collabo-Ramen – けいすけ二代目

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  2. Oh my God… this looks delicious !
    10 years ago I studied for almost 3 years in Osaka and Tokyo. Ramen was one of my favorite foods then. It’s almost impossible to find here in Belgium (a bit like a Westvleteren Trappist beer ;-)
    Every time I read your interesting blog I become so natsukashii !

  3. I love the Keisuke shop in Takadanobaba! The bowls they use for the hot noodles (which also feature in your video) are especially cool. Someone told me they are designed to get the aroma of the soup to waft in your direction.

    The Baba branch also has a good English-language bookstore nearby: the Blue Parrot.

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