Collabo-Ramen – Junk Garage

There’s never too much Junk in the trunk of a big fat bowl of mazemen. Brian and I checked out Junk Garage on Ramen Street:

Collabo-Ramen – Junk Garage from Daniel Morales on Vimeo.

Six down, two more to go. (Oh, and we also tried the crab ramen over at Keisuke – I’d recommend against it. It comes in a bowl shaped like Hokkaido, and there’s a layer of oil on top about a centimeter deep.)

2 thoughts on “Collabo-Ramen – Junk Garage

  1. This is great. I came across your collaboramen videos on Brian’s blog (which is also where I got to know about yours) and was gutted back in 2010 when you announced they were being put on hold since you were leaving Japan.

    I just realised that you have started making more which is great. They’re really great for someone like me who dreams to visit Japan one day and also try some decent ramen. Fed up of that Wagamama crap.

  2. A Japanese friend who visited me in the UK specifically asked to go to Wagamama to see if the ramen was still as awful as he remembered it being years ago. His verdict – it’s still the worst he’s ever had.

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