Kick-Heart Kickstarter Project

RUN don’t walk over to Masaaki Yuasa‘s Kickstarter Project Kick-Heart! There are just over 12 hours left on the project, and you can still help support the first crowdfunded anime.

Yuasa is the director behind the 2004 movie Mind Game, which has to be one of the top three or four massive triumphs of anime in the last ten years (to me, it’s the best anime movie ever, but I haven’t seen that much, to be honest). His new project will fund a 10-minute anime short about two wrestlers:

There are a bunch of different reward levels, but 5 USD will get you an SD download of the movie – great value! Pledge higher to get a higher quality download or physical rewards like T-shirts and DVDs and whatnot.

If you’re interested in Kickstarter, you should also check out my Kickstarter blog over at Kick What? I’ve been cheating on Japan and Japanese with the crowdfunding crew. More Japanese stuff coming in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Kick-Heart Kickstarter Project

  1. Maybe you need another, less explicitly about-Japan page to tie all this stuff together, because I had no idea you were writing about non-Japan stuff. (Is that even allowed? I thought you were a Japan guy! Do they even let Japan guys write about other things?)

    (The KickWhat page doesn’t actually name you anywhere as far as I can tell, although maybe that’s intentional…)

  2. This is a good point. I’ve been thinking recently of making a personal site that would link to everything, kind of like the way your homepage site does. This might be a winter break project. But I fear this might also involve more Twitter accounts and Tumblrs or DrunklyStumbleIntos or something. I’ve been doubling my @howtojapanese Twitter as a personal Twitter for better or worse. Gah, social media.

    I will always be a Japan guy, but that’s getting harder to do from abroad!

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