1 thought on “Hermit Crab Survival Project at Grand Isle State Park

  1. I’m starting to really enjoy reading through this book (that I’m reading) and picking up on the same things you picked up in the past. Re: 可哀想 (post: http://howtojaponese.com/2008/03/22/p14/).

    I just encountered it now for the first time and was immediately brought back to your entry when you wrote: “(For any kanji students taking notes: かわいい = 可愛い ; かわいそう = 可哀想 or 可哀相; and, yes, you actually see shit like that in shosetsu).”

    I couldn’t stop thinking: “Yes, you were right. It’s in my shosetsu.) I also remember how you said you thought it was hard to translate so I looked at how this phrase was translated in the English translation and discovered they used “to feel sorry for” as an apropos correlation.

    Anyway, tickle me amused.

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