College Japanese Notes – 2001/06/29 Frequency Adverbials

Another lesson from my class notes. Don’t confuse degree adverbials with frequency adverbials:

Clearly I was still getting the hang of the kana.

よく行きます                                                         [Subject] often goes
あまり行きません                                                [Subject] doesn’t go much
ほとんど行きません                                            [Subject] hardly goes
全然(ぜんぜん)行きません。                         [Subject] doesn’t ever go / never goes

Two that aren’t listed here and that both express inrequent visits are たまに and めったに:

たまに行きます                                                    [Subject] goes on occasion/every now and then
めったに行きません                                           [Subject] rarely ever goes

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  1. Nice to see this page updated again. I hope you have improved on this chicken scratch though. :)

  2. 私も、日本語の練習ノートがたくさんあります。懐かしい!

    Let me know about the items for charity auction. I’ll be happy to donate something.

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