How to Japanese Podcast – Episode 1 景気を付けて

I’ve been interested in doing a podcast for a while, and I was finally inspired to start one by my last post about 景気を付けて, which really only makes any sense if you can hear it, so go ahead and check out the first How to Japanese Podcast episode and hear me do my fierce 祭り yell.

Podcast Contents:
1. Intro (0.00)
2. 景気を付けて (1.11)
3. Plugging the liveblog (5.37)

How to Japanese – Ep1 景気を付けて by howtojapanese

And yes, I will be liveblogging my reading of the English translation of 1Q84 this weekend. I liveblogged my reading of the original Japanese novel (at least the first few hundred pages of the first book) when it came out in 2009, and it was a lot of fun. I may not be the first to read the translation, and I definitely won’t be the last to read it, but I sure as hell will be the best to read it.

The little shamisen/violin thingie I stole for the section break sound in the podcast comes from Estradasphere‘s song “Those Who Know…” which refers to the most excellent Japanese saying 知る人ぞ知る – those who know know…motherfucker. I’m on the lookout for some sort of sound that will evoke Japan and be usable under Creative Commons licensing or whatnot. Any ideas? Anyone willing to lend some catchy shamisen or shakuhachi notes? Bueller? Tanaka?

4 thoughts on “How to Japanese Podcast – Episode 1 景気を付けて

  1. Looking forward to the live-blog! The live-blog of the Japanese version of 1Q84 is the only article I haven’t read on this site…cause I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers for all these years! Can’t wait to read both liveblogs, and your reviews of Books 1/2 and 3, soon!

  2. Arg, I clearly took a very Epimethean approach to this project. I don’t know how to get it into iTunes yet. And I think I want to wait until it’s completely legal before I do that. Gotta find some music to use. I’ll definitely let everyone know.

  3. Great to hear your voice again, and can’t wait for the liveblog. I’ve caught the podcast bug myself lately, but haven’t acted on it yet.

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