How to Japanese Podcast – Episode 41 – Kanji

I have such good memories of the Fourth of July 2021. It was a perfect day in Chicago. Clear and warm but not hot, and when the sun went down there was a crisp breeze off the lake. For dinner, I walked over to The Bar on Buena, a local restaurant with a mix of American food and Mexican food, a solid selection of local taps, and a surprisingly deep bourbon list for a neighborhood spot. I ordered a BLT and a Surly Helles, a seriously bitter Pilsner. Beer memories are always illusive, but for whatever reason I remember Surly Helles so clearly.

After the sun went down, I biked over to Montrose Harbor and then north along the lake, watching families grill and set off fireworks. I stopped around Foster, lay my bike in the grass, and sat down to watch the end of the big fireworks display someone was firing off.

Then I called it a day and biked home.

I didn’t really push it. I remember wanting to wake up refreshed the next day so I could start working on the new materials for the Japanese program I was starting. It was the start of the last school year I’ll ever have, and I had that same giddy excitement that I’ve had almost every year. So much potential. So much new. So much to learn.

This giddy energy is a helpful way to start projects like a new course of study, but they generally take more to sustain. Somehow I managed to keep this particular project going for nearly two years. I wrote about this in my newsletter this month, and talked about it on the podcast, which I’ll be trying to keep up monthly as an audio accompaniment (not a direct transcript of) that newsletter.

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2 thoughts on “How to Japanese Podcast – Episode 41 – Kanji

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been a long-time Anki user. Though when I say “user” probably a “tinkerer” more accurately describes my relationship with the app.

    Will fire up my old Kanji Damage deck again and see if I can commit.

    I recently discovered the iOS Japanese dictionary, called “Japanese” (had a different name year ago) has a history list that you can study using it’s built in SRS system. Finding it pretty handy as it automatically adds all the words I’ve looked up.

    Anyway enjoy the seriously hot Japanese summer and I hope you find a seriously good bitter Pilsner down around Osaka.


  2. Hey Paddy, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delayed reply! Very cool to hear about the built-in dictionary feature. I’ll give it a look!

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