Cool Toy – Lost Kubrick Figures

As I kid I collected lots of figures. It all started with G.I. Joe, but I expanded into Marvel when they started releasing some of the awesome characters from X-Force. Fortunately my interest died off before I could get too excited about anime. Still, ever since coming to Japan, I’ve always thought the Kubrick line of toys is really cool. The figures are small, cubed versions of popular culture themes – movies, TV shows, comics – and you don’t know which character you get until opening the box. The name is a homage to director Stanley Kubrick, but it also puns on キューブ, the Japanese word for cube. Medicom Toy, the makers, have a cool website where you can get updates on new releases and limited editions.

I was showing a friend around this past weekend and we went by Kiddy Land in Harajuku:

where I came across this cool LOST Kubrick set!:

The side shows that you have chances of getting Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Locke or Charlie:

And the back suggests that you might also be able to get Desmond and all his wonky eyeballness:

I was hoping for Locke but ended up with Hurley, one of rare ones. Not too shabby: